Hear, O Lord by David G. Firth - David G. Firth

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Hear, O Lord by David G. Firth

Hear, O Lord by David G. Firth - David G. Firth
Item #: C1178

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The Psalms have long been a treasured source for prayer and spirituality. Where the traditional focus has been on individual Psalms and the figure of David as the pre-eminent Psalmist, recent studies have emphasised the importance of the Psalms as a book. Taking the fruit of these studies seriously, David Firth shows how understanding the Psalms as a book that is in dialogue within itself provides a model for Christian spirituality. The model that emerges is one that holds together both exuberant praise and the pain that often accompanies the life of faith. Moreover, it is shaped by the hope of the fullness of the reign of God that is at the core of the message of the Psalms. It is this combination of praise, pain and hope that marks a distinctively Christian spirituality. David G. Firth is Tutor in Old Testament Studies at Cliff College.

Price : 9.95

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Hear, O Lord by David G. Firth

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